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Welcome to Seal Funding
The premier source for easy, cost effective investor real estate loans

About Our Company

Bridge Investments is the parent company of Seal Funding, the leading source of real estate investor funding in the Greater Houston area. Additionally, we provide loans for the acquisition and repair of investment properties all throughout the state of Texas and in many other States. We've been making real estate loans to investors since 1989 and pride ourselves on being quick (we can close your loan from start to finish in 4 days) and flexible. To date, we have participated in over $350 million in residential real estate fundings.

We are owned and operated by personnel with years of mortgage, real estate and investing experience and know what you need from us to reach your goals - quick, cost-effective real estate investment loans.

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Hard Money Lending

Money House You may be familiar with the term hard money lending. A hard money loan is a non-bank loan that typically lasts anywhere from 12 to 18 months and is generally used to purchase and rehab investment real estate.

There are no specific income or credit qualifications for a hard money loan - the most important criteria is a large amount of equity in the property. So, a better term than hard money is asset-based lending or hard equity lending since hard money lenders are providing loans primarily based on the amount of equity in the property.

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Our Hard Money Investor Loans

Most hard money lenders limit their loans to 65% of the as-repaired value of a property. We will consider lending up to 70% of this value - also known as a 70% LTV loan. Our investor customers use our money to acquire homes and to borrower the funds to repair the homes.

SealHomeLoan Deal The loans are short-term and the interest rates are of course a little higher than typical owner-occupied mortgage loans. Since we can often fund 100% of the investor's acquisition and repair cost, our investors consider our loans the most cost-effective solution - far easier than a bank and much less expensive than a partner. Read some of our customer testimonials.

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When you have a deal

If you have a property under contract, we need only three things from you.
  1. A copy of the contract
  2. The title commitment
  3. A check or credit card authorization to cover the cost of the appraisal and inspection of the property you're buying
We'll order this appraisal and inspection and provide a copy to you once it's completed. It's that simple and we'll provide a firm commitment to fund your loan within days, not weeks.

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Additional Services

Bridge Investments purchased Paragon Residential, a long-term traditional residential mortgage brokerage in 2006. If you're looking for a more traditional mortgage to purchase or refinance a home, we can help. Also, through our affiliation with Flex Realty, we can help you locate a property to live in or for investment in and around the Greater Houston area. Whatever your real estate investing needs, we can help.

Call us today at 713.680.1900

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